Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dumpster Diving

A friend and fellow blogger I know has been doing some pretty successful dumpster diving in this town, and I asked if I could join. We met this week on an extremely cold night, and after unsuccessfully going one place, we hit a small jackpot in another. I got a couple of perfectly fine cauliflowers, some nice apples, asparagus, some beetroot salad and some flatbread. There were also some wok veggies, though I haven't used them, so they're going in the compost, and someone even got some vacuum packed smoked trout! A lot of the wares that are thrown out aren't past their actual usage limit, but there's is a date on them that shops have to adhere to, and some things are thrown out merely to make room for the new. I'm looking forward to relieving more dumpsters of unneccessary trash in the future.

This was my first dumpster dived meal. And it was great!

Spelt in lieu of rice.
Fried cauliflower with mild curry and nigella seeds in a tomato/soy cream sauce.
Asparagus fried in turmeric and mustard seeds.

Sorry no recipe, it was made in a frenzy since I had some hungry boys waiting for grub! But it was delicious, and the boys ate their fair share.