Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Them Apples

We have been on Bornholm for a few days of R&R. The people whose house we live in let us know that we were welcome to partake of their garden's apple booty. So we did.

We had Æbleflæsk (Apple/Pork concoction), Æblekage (dessert made from apple porridge, with sweetened crumbs and whipped cream on top), and washed it all down with Æblemost (apple cider, with no alcohol content) and Æblecider (apple cider with a high alcohol content). We're all appled out.

The Æbleflæsk is a favorite, so I'll start with that. No pictures unfortunately. We ate it up before I could even grab my camera!

- You start by taking slices of pork breast (about 500 gr, at least), with the rind still on, and frying them up in a skillet. It will sputter a lot, so take care. Turn them often. When they are browned and crispy, take them off and lay them on some kitchen towel. There should be some melted fat left in the skillet. Add about a thumb of butter to that, and when that's melted, add slices from 3-4 large apples in the skillet. Fry until they go soft, but still have their shape. Now, serve on thick slices of buttered rye bread, with the slices of pork on top.
Dig in - it is heavenly.

I'll try to make some more Æblekage so I can share the recipe, and pictures with you!


Khawaga said...

Hubby came home with a ton of slices of pork breast last weekend and I read here. So we actually did your æbleflæsk. And it was the most scrumptious orgy. I'm not big on roasted pork fat as a way of life, but this as a sheer extravaganza of glorious animallyness was very satisfying. Aaaaghhhh.

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh, I am so pleased to hear you liked it! Pig fat and apples are really a match made in heaven, even though it sounds disgusting and clogs your arteries. But fuck it. Once in a while t least!

Khawaga said...

Yes totally. It's sort of pure in its wonderful outrageousness. Yum yum.

PS I have done a deal with myself that once in a while, very naughty things like duck fat and even beef fat!!! are quite okay. I mean what's once every 3 or 6 months for heaven's sake. Its what we do every day that matters.

We get so hung up about this. Food is practically a new religious movement. Here's to Blow-outs!