Friday, March 19, 2010

Lent Status Report, Version 2.0

Hey ho folks! Still working on that camera issue. Plan on buying one next week, since I've pretty much close in on and identified the one.

I thought I'd do a little fessin' up about Lent. Well, that sounds like I've broken totally and utterly down and broken all good form here, which happily, isn't the case. But I have veered a bit. Just a smidge.

I'm still keeping myself mentally vegan on a daily basis, and even though I may pop an animal made product in my gob, it doesn't feel like I'm sinning. The main thing here is that I now thoughtfully consider every thing I put in my mouth. It may sound a bit obsessive, and I can totally see that, but it's not. When I was an omnivore, I didn't even consider myself as such, because I didn't think about everything I put in my mouth, despite striving for organic fare for the important stuff (fruit, veggies, meat). As a result, I would mass consume processed foods, candy, snacks, whatever, without really thinking about it. Now, I think. Not obsess. Just think. And it feels REALLY good.

As I mentioned before, I lost 2 kilos (5lbs) right off the bat. They're still off, no more, no less. Though I continually feel skinnier, and I think that's down to not feeling as bloated as I previously have. I'd love to lose more, but that's not my main objective at this time.

I have been eating goat's cheese to satisfy that craving, and if I ran out of soy milk, I'd use cow milk. Tastes awful, when you're used to the other stuff! Really bad after taste in fact. I also went to a belated Christmas/early Easter party with some girlfriends, and I did eat tuna salad, pickled herring and eggs, since I didn't want to make an issue out of it. My mom being here added some cow milk cheeses to the menu, plus a little ice cream and again, I didn't sweat it. But just today, at the office, my office mate fried up some bacon. Wow, did that ever smell bad! Death. Fried death. He asked if I wanted some. I declined, politely. Yuck!

So, I haven't been strictly vegan, but my diet has changed. I have fewer craving for either specific foods, or just stuffing my face in general. It's been a relief actually. Although I know it's restrictive, strictly speaking, to eat this's actually liberating.


Megan said...

Yes, bacon is the one smell I absolutely cannot stand as a vegetarian. What's worse is that it penetrates every part of your house and lingers. My poor mom could not fry up bacon when I was home from college because it make me so nauseous and I would immediately open all the windows.

So, word to the wise...don't let Mik cook it in the house!

Elijah Shannon said...

I love your journey around is a very similar journey to mine as I think you know..

Regarding "milk"...I can't stand cow milk and there are simply too many reasons NOT to drink it...but I don't like to consume too much soy either. I've been making my own almond milk!! Here's what I do:

I buy raw, organic almonds.

I put a bunch in a bowl--around 2 - 2 1/2 cups. I cover them with filtered water and let them sit overnight (on the counter). In the morning I drain them, rinse them (tap water is okay for rinsing) and cover them again. If I'm not going to make the milk right away I put them in the fridge...

When I'm ready to make the milk and they've been soaking for a minimum of 12 hours, I drain the water and put them into my blender. I have a high-powered blender so I put them all in at once...less powerful you may need to do it in parts. I haven't tried but you can maybe do this in a food processor as well...

Then I add about four dates (pitted, of course)! And BLEND! Blend, blend, blend away...things will start to look milky. I taste--if I want to I add some more dates.

Then I drain everything through a cheesecloth and there you have it! YUMMY ALMOND MILK!! It keeps in the fridge for up to four days.

You can also use the almond pulp for tons of stuff--one favorite is throw it in the food processor, add an avocado, some onions (or scallions or whatever you want) maybe a pepper or two--you can get creative--and spices (I like cumin!)...and I like cilantro (which is, of course, very controversial!)and blend away! It makes a killer filling for vegan tacos (I use romaine lettuce or red cabbage for the shells) or you can stuff regular or cherry tomatoes with it for a tasty meal or snack!

Okay, this is the longest comment ever. I love you!

Elijah Shannon said...

Oops! I forgot something EXTREMELY important in my loooooong directions! When you put the almonds in the blender, you fill the blender up with filtered water!!!! That's super important...I'm sure you can see why :)