Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chanterelle Pasta: A Seasonal Favorite

My mom comes to visit twice a year. Once in September, once in February/March. For this very reason, I always end up making the same dishes while she's here, because of the produce that's available. She luckily doesn't seem to mind!

One of the best and quickest dishes of this season, ready in half an hour is a yummy, creamy plate of chanterelle pasta with a side of steamed artichoke. I usually fry the mushrooms up in butter, but we're downsizing our butter intake at home, so olive oil did just fine. I fry them at medium high heat, until they sweat their own juice out, and absorb the oil. Instead of cream this time, I used coconut milk which did the trick just fine. It does have a coconutty taste to it (surprise, surprise) but I found that adding a spoonful of Herbamare (vegetable broth cube) did a good job of balancing it out. Mix it with your freshly boiled al dente pasta, and you're all set. A sprinkle of parmesan doesn't hurt.

As for the artichoke - I usually boil them, but tried steaming them first this time, with an excellent result! I halve them to start off with, using a paring knife to scrape out the "choke". Steam until the leaves pull of easily. Enjoy with melted butter or a bit of Hellman's mayo, the only thing that kept this meal from being entirely vegan!

A simple meal, but so, so good and fulfilling. The artichoke is practically a dessert, so sweet and satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Since it's chanterelle time, I have to say I adore orzotto with chanterelles and spinach. The deep gold of the chanterelles contrasts beautifully with the spinach when stirred into the barley at the end. I do always cook the mushrooms separately in an uncrowded pan to achieve the nicest gold color from the Maillard reaction. In a pressure-cooker the dish can be made in 18 minutes - the spinach and mushrooms cook in parallel with the barley, and you can easily assemble it all at the end.

Anonymous said...

I've done spinach with other shrooms, but not chanterelles, must try!