Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fish Tacos

Blogger ate the photos, d'oh!

Fish tacos were all the internet rage a few months back, though I'd never had them myself, and I needed to see if they lived up to the hype. Although they're not the dish I'd pick to have on my birthday or anything, they really have their merits. They feel light, and healthy, and will fill you up nonetheless. Bonus is that my kids will eat anything wrapped in a tortilla!

In lieu of a real recipe, I'll just tell you how I made what you see in the photos.

- I cut a fresh, white (firm meat) fish into bite sized chunks and dredged them in a mix of flour, salt, pepper and chili. I fried them lightly until golden brown.

- I shredded about half of a head of cabbage, blanched it quickly under boiling water though keeping its "bite" intact. Added a few large, shredded carrots to the mix. Then tossed it all up with a runny mixture of mayonnaise and a little vinegar.

- I heated corn tortillas in a stack in the oven (keeps them from getting all crispy and crumbly) and filled them with the fish and cabbage/carrot mix. Add a few spoonfuls of pineapple salsa (or whatever you have) and you're all set.

The bite of the cabbage teamed with the texture of the corn tortilla is quite satisfying, not to mention the crunchiness of the fish. Worth bringing into your repertoire, though I'd encourage anyone to try out the different variations out there.


Anonymous said...

I got to try this one :)

Anonymous said...

Do! The only place I've found corn tortillas is Føtex though, and I usually avoid that place like the plague (or swine flu!).

Anonymous said...

I found some corn tortillas in Lidl. Well, they look good, so I bought them. I often go there since they have so many Asian products from Germany

What's wrong with Føtex?

Anonymous said...

I must admit I haven't stepped foot into a Lidl yet. There's none in my part of town. Will keep an eye out! Oh, Føtex isn't evil, it's just one of those places that depresses me, like Bilka. Too big, filled to the brim with cheap, ugly clothing articles and the smell of plastic. Small doses only.