Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smørrebrød Revisited

People often think of open faced sandwiches when they think of Denmark. The typical variations are pickled herring, liver pâté, slices of smoked sausage or other cold cuts, with a number of various garnishes to top them off. They're usually stacked so high that eating them with knife and fork is required. I'll do that in good company of course, otherwise I have a contest with myself to see what I can shove in my mouth (tsk tsk). This is what I'd call a "Californian" smørrebrød. Very simple, healthy, yummy and elegant. Until you eat it that is.

From bottom to top:
Rye bread
A smear of butter
Sliced tomato
Sliced hard boiled egg
(A thin layer of Hellman's doesn't hurt)
(A sprinkling of curry powder ain't bad either, though I don't know what's Californian about that!)
Sliced avocado
Sprinkling of Maldon sea salt

Eat with knife and fork or alone.



Khawaga said...

Jennie, I think you should model.

You made me laugh. (That's really nice, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

Khawaga - I love to amuse people. Voluntarily or not! :-)

Um, fyi, I'm only this photogenic because I can take as many shots of myself as I want with photo booth, and discard the ones where I look like an absolute fool.