Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fried Okra - A Picture Tutorial

Childhood favorite, what can I say? I think I forgot about it for a while after moving to DK, then had a craving for it. Called my mom to ask how she'd prepared it for me as a kid, and, this is it. Quite easy.

You'll notice that in the first picture the okra appears to be frozen. It is. This is because okra is a slimy thing by nature, so freezing it first helps reduce gooeyness when you're chopping it, and mixing it later on. The cold is also an element that helps make it extra crispy.

Chopped into bite sized bits.

A few tablespoons of flour (cornmeal is good too), and one egg (no need to beat it first) into the bowl, and using a fork, mix it all together. Add salt and pepper, liberally.

Very lumpy in apperance.

Fry up in a good oil, until it's golden brown, a little darker at the edges.

There you have a plate of crispy, delicious Texan childhood.


mikkel.paaske said...

It looks delicious! But where do you find okra in Denmark?

Anonymous said...

The Indian/Pakistani shops have them. They call them "lady fingers" :-)

mikkel.paaske said...

Oh, so that's what they are!