Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Hot Lunch - Udon Noodle Soup

Yeah so, culinary adventures are just not my thing these days. I'm into sandwiches, easy homemade pizzas and pasta dishes lately. The more time I spend thinking bigger, better thoughts about my master plan (which encompasses everything), the less time I have to thinking about dinner.

I wanted a hot lunch the other day, despite my lack of creativity, and I luckily spied a package of forgotten udon noodles in the back of the fridge, hooray! So easy.

Hot water. Add udon.

Boil as the package instructs. Add miso (mine's vegan). Then I add a small handful of chopped spring onions and canned corn.

At the very end I add cubes of silky tofu. Don't heat them too much, or they'll disentegrate.

Less than five minutes. Hot lunch. So good.

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