Sunday, April 17, 2011


One should only be so lucky to be invited to one of Mina's kimchi slave mines. It sounds ominous, but really, all it is is a bunch of folks standing around getting chili paste up to their elbows while they smother cabbage, daikon, carrots and spring onions in it before stuffing in a jar and calling it kimchi. Then, she makes yummy Asian delicacies for you to eat before heading home with your new acquisition. Kimchi is so photogenic. And it tastes great with scrambled eggs, among other things. You should be so lucky!


Bri said...

I know that I'm so lucky! ;)
I made a kimchi fried rice last night, delicious. You're right that it's pretty damn good fresh. In fact so good that I fear it'll all be gobbled up within the week.

mina said...

thanks for coming! it was a lot of fun, and i'm happy to spread the gospel of korean cuisine. (;

Emma said...

So annoyed I missed it.... Luckily Mina has saved me a jar, can't wait! Emma :)