Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stuffed, no, Buried Mushrooms

This dish is, was, a mess. A Delicious Mess. It's been a week, so the details are fuzzy, but basically it arose out of 4 portobello mushrooms I'd bought, and some black beans that Mikael had soaked and boiled but just not gotten around to using.

4 portobello mushrooms (with the stems cut off and set aside), prebaked with olive oil and spices, for app. 30 minutes.
2 cups of black beans, soaked and boiled.
2 cups of pearl spelt (or barley) boiled in broth
1 bag of fresh spinach, or half a bag frozen, fried in olive oil and garlic with the chopped portobello stems.
1 can of tinned tomatoes
A handful of grated cheese

Arrange the mushrooms in a baking dish that leaves a little space in and around them. Mix the beans, spelt and spinach, add a bit of salt to taste, and dump it all over the mushrooms. Add the tinned tomatoes to the dish and spread it over everything, adding the grated cheese to the top. Bake until bubbly and the cheese is golden, á la lasagne.

Really nice, messy, delicious dish using what I had at the moment!